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DateArticleTopics - (Show all)
1st August 2014Mindbuilding, Part 3: The Jig is UpSphinx, mindbuilding, vocabulary, words, metatools, mental limits, language acquisition
29th June 2014Moore is Lessbethel tests, technooptimism, singularity, Moores law, statistics, exponential curves, computing, microprocessors, research and development, engineering
3rd June 2014Mindbuilding Notes, Part 2 - Deep Core NetworkAI, Sphinx, mindbuilding, core network, ontology
28th May 2014Mindbuilding Notes, part 1AI, Sphinx, mindbuilding, core network, definitions, isosthenia, epistemology
26th May 2014Thoughts on Liungman's Dictionary of Symbolssymbols, Carl Liungman, book reviews, runes, hobos, fascism, perception, Africa, writing systems, morphology, paleontology, cave paintings
4th May 2014The Devil and Noah WebsterAI, sphinx, dictionaries, language, graph theory, core networks
22nd April 2014An Elegy for the Video Storevideo stores, creative destruction, technological evolution, recommender algorithms, recommendations
27th March 2014Twelve Day Lifeintrospection, me, my family, childhood, sampling, identity
17th March 2014R.I.P. A. Sapiensthought experiments, evolution, eocene, intelligence, evolution of cognition, apocalypse, archaeology, geology
11th October 2013Conference Evaluations: Most to Least Helpfulconferences, organizing, evaluations, social dynamics, special needs accommodations, microcosms, subcultures

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