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3rd March 2015Craftsbury Notesvocabulary, Sphinx, AI, Sphinx dialog, words
4th January 2015A Two Year Calendarcalendrics, personal organization, time budgets, caregiving
12th November 2014Conspiracy Rules (2014)game rules, games, conspiracy, trading card games, Mad Sheep
16th September 2014Intrigue RulesIntrigue, Mad Sheep Games, game rules, games
16th September 2014Toxic Gnome RulesToxic Gnome, Mad Sheep Games, game rules, games
16th September 2014Tryptic RulesTryptic, Mad Sheep Games, games, game rules
5th September 2014Narrative Levels in Game Designgames, game design, Mad Sheep, sujet & fabula, narrative
19th August 2014The Clock and the Bear Piturban planning, Einstein, clocks, incidental education, Bern, suburbs, public art
8th August 2014Mechanisms for CuriosityAI, sphinx, curiosity, recommender algorithms, metrics
8th August 2014Rivers, Roads, and Rails: a Tragicomedyinfrastructure, technooptimism, hyperloop, tech evolution, Switzerland, Bern, public goods, mass transit, trains

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