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14th May 2016Discouraging Adahistory of mathematics, Ada Lovelace, Augustus De Morgan, Mary Somerville, Lord Byron, Charles Babbage, AI, mathematics, misogyny, education, sculpture, Michelangelo
27th January 2016R.I.P. Marvin MinskyMarvin Minsky, AI, go, Sphinx, obituaries
17th March 2015Conversation ZeroSphinx, dialogue, genres, mindbuilding, advice, algorithms, AI
3rd March 2015Craftsbury Notesvocabulary, Sphinx, AI, Sphinx dialog, words
8th August 2014Mechanisms for CuriosityAI, sphinx, curiosity, recommender algorithms, metrics
3rd June 2014Mindbuilding Notes, Part 2 - Deep Core NetworkAI, Sphinx, mindbuilding, core network, ontology
28th May 2014Mindbuilding Notes, part 1AI, Sphinx, mindbuilding, core network, definitions, isosthenia, epistemology
4th May 2014The Devil and Noah WebsterAI, sphinx, dictionaries, language, graph theory, core networks
6th June 2013Yatsuhashi, Easter Eggs, Kulgrindas, and PlazasAI, conversation, gardens, architecture, quietism, expectations
12th July 2008On the Transcendence of the Martian PenguinAI, life, thought experiments, Turing Test

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