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14th May 2016Wunderkammer IVOsama bin Laden, squirrels, William Safire, space exploration, Richard Nixon, humor, grammar, Sphinx, games, introductions, heuristics, song lyrics, feminism, fashion, Drake equation, extra-terrestrial intelligence
14th May 2016Discouraging Adahistory of mathematics, Ada Lovelace, Augustus De Morgan, Mary Somerville, Lord Byron, Charles Babbage, AI, mathematics, misogyny, education, sculpture, Michelangelo
27th January 2016R.I.P. Marvin MinskyMarvin Minsky, AI, go, Sphinx, obituaries
10th January 2016Wunderkammer IIIwarning labels, 3d printing, design, electoral politics, sagebrush rebellion, US constitution, Bible, foxes, animals, Trolley Problem, thought experiments, ethics, squirrels
8th May 2015Icons and Diagramssymbology, icons, Taoism, medievalism, IWW, labor, socialism, libertarianism, asexuality, appropriation, diagrams
29th April 2015The Day the Dam Broke (updated)flooding, beavers, Treleven Farm, property rights, drought, rephotography
29th April 2015Wunderkammer IIbirds, flooding, networking, social media, words I hate, subjective texts, search engines, strange rains, Charles Fort, Liamorra, game theory, games, chess, bioglyphs, sapioglyphs, Shannon entropy, advertising, music, prisoners dilemma
26th March 2015A Man, A Plan, A Canal (updated)political selection, electoral politics, Barack Obama, John McCain, personality
17th March 2015Conversation ZeroSphinx, dialogue, genres, mindbuilding, advice, algorithms, AI
3rd March 2015Advicesadvice, Sphinx, mindbuilding, Quakerism, forgiveness, genres

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