Free Blather

This is the sign-up page for a weekly newsletter called The Hebdromedary, put out by me, Ethan Mitchell. I write about whatever interests me (hence the title of my late blog, The Quodlibetarian), and a lot of what interests me is either dry or esoteric or tendentious or all three. I can also be maddeningly specific: should you subscribe to this newsletter, you may find yourself reading very long piece about, say, a particular ditch in a swamp near my house. I make no apologies for this other than the one you are currently reading, which I hope will also serve as a warning.

Recently, when asked to fill in a descriptive box, I called myself an essayist: Montaigne's lovely term which the Clash translated appropriately as "a trying man". But there are several other relevant things that I am not. I am not a journalist or a scientist or an expert in any field. I have some sense of authorial integrity and accountability that now feels a little old-fashioned on the internet, but this is neither codified nor subject to even such oversight as an editor, let alone peer review. Moreover, I don't feel any sense of obligation to use this newsletter for any particular purpose, partisan or otherwise. I am not, for instance, going to make an effort to respond to current events, or sell you any dietary or spiritual-growth pills. This is strictly an opt-in reading experience, and in my opinion, there is no compelling reason for you to opt in. Should you do so anyway, and feel remorse, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

OK, you've been warned. Welcome aboard if you're coming aboard.